My name is Alisha and i take photos since 2004.

Sometimes, i write things too.

Currently a book based on a true story.

My husband was the one who encouraged me to be more ''serious'' about it.

I became a Professional Photographer in 2007 and this is my main job ever since.

I live between America and Germany over 20 years now. Right now, i am in GERMANY again and really really hope COVID gets under control. Because if there is one thing i love it's, TRAVELING.

Nothing is too to me.

Natuerlich spreche ich auch Deutsch, some Turkish and Spanish as well.

Oh Family!

I am blessed to have amazing parents and children, siblings and friends.

The last 18 years i spent time shooting Fashion Photography for Seattle's and California's clothing designer and a few magazines. I took a longer break in 2017 and focused more on weddings & family oriented portraits.

I love capturing the Love between people. Whether its a couple on their wedding day, a family interacting with their children and even a newborn with mom and dad.

Time runs so fast. We look at things without actually seeing anything.

I do support a few cancer survivor programs


Now i lay you down to sleep

My Equipment:

Nikon FX (D4,D5 etc)

Also, if you like to cook or bake. I am probably going to be your new best friend ;-)

I got a few videos uploaded that shows me in action. Hope you enjoy !

visit my art stuff too

Book & Magazine publications USA

Fine Art Award Seattle,USA 2015

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