I always thought, while being in Europe, to see and visit as many places as possible. Greece, Italy. Switzerland to see my cousin and family, Russia and Poland, France and what not. Thanks to the Covid-19 that is now rather limited. Today is a very bad day for my mom. The COPD (stage 4) is taking a toll on her..So, i am thankful Lord, for each day we have together. Makes me realize even more, to appreciate each and every little bit we have around us. It’s OK to be choosy- because if you allow every storm to break your windows you’ll get afraid to open them or sitting near them. You would miss the beautiful view. And just when you think you seen it all walking the same ole spot every day-you will understand that there is more Beauty your heart wants to capture-or your camera. Love is always worth fighting for-your spouse, your child, your self-esteem and which path you choose that gets your POSITIVE attention

If it wasn’t for HIM, how could there be any light, any goal, any obedience or any acknowledge period? There wouldn’t…

#death #covid #path #world #positivity #spouse #summer #trees #copd #fall #lord #beauty #CHRIST #calm #fighting #littlethings #light #red #europe

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