Craving memories

Let me tell you a little bit about this picture.

It was taken in our home state Washington Sate and shows my son Fabian and our little dog, Leo. 6 months after i took this photo we moved to Germany.

Our hearts were filled with love and compassion at this time. After a dramatic family situation 2 years earlier we were exploring the world. I did not realize how hard i was working to put a smile on everyone’s face. Not that it was a lot of work-no! It’s just what i did. Excitement would fill my heart every time i came home earlier from work to spend extra time with them. Oh, how happy they were. Movie night meant snuggling up on our big leather couch and watching one episode after another. Who cares about how late it would get?!

While many parents tried to avoid traveling with their children. I loved every bit of it. My kids are travelers. DVD player for the car was charged, bags in the trunk, load the dogs and off we went.

It was a no brainer to pack everyone and move across the pond when i received the bad news about my mother. Actually despite the reason why we were leaving the states for a while- everyone was ready to go. Let’s see, taste and experience new things.

I think. No, i am certain that the reason we sometimes look back and crave back those moments aren’t because we are unhappy now- rather that we were happy then, as well. Just differently. It is what our lifestyle back then was. The things we envisioned. Like my son running in and out of the water with our dog Leo. Not worrying about tomorrow. Simply enjoying the moment.

Children should never have to worry. That is our job as parents. And we can give it to God.

We want so many things. We chase them too. Sometimes. Occasionally we get to learn how life works and we start running, swimming,flying like its what we have always been doing.

Until we don’t. We fall or trip.We forget how to slow down our pace.We can’t remember why we were rushing in the first place?So many things we already have.Except time. Time we don’t have.

So i am craving back those moments. It reminds me i made the right decision. Tomorrow isn’t promised though each morning i do wake up i am thanking the Lord what a wonderful life we have had so far.

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